Volunteering in Des Moines

Des Moines Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Department actively seek volunteers, community groups, scouts and businesses to assist with specific programs, events and park clean-ups. There are a wide variety of programs, projects and advisory committees to choose from. From Ivy removal at Beach Park, to major building renovation projects, coaching, assisting with senior services programs and much more! To volunteer yourself, a group or find out more information, please choose your subject of interest for more information.

  • Friends of Des Moines Creek - Since 1999, Friends of Des Moines Creek has partnered with community volunteers to remove invasive weeds, replant natives, and maintain and protect the Des Moines Creek buffer. Please go to LauraHartema.com or contact Laura Hartema to inquire about ongoing volunteer opportunities.
    • To discover what birds you might see along Des Moines Creek, click on the link and go to the ebird survey at the bottom of the page. laurahartema.com/volunteer.

Community Service

  1. Complete online application to include details about Community Service
  2. Email Volunteer Coordinator with details about your community service request. The Who, What, Why...
  3. Provide documentation