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Message from Chief Tim Gately
February 2024

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As the new year begins, I want to share the goals, strategies, and challenges we are working towards in 2024. First, I continue to remain optimistic – yet pragmatic – in my approach to serving the Des Moines Community and the men and women of the Police Department. Since arriving in August of 2023, I have been impressed with the daily care, respect, and professionalism our officers, supervisors, and professional staff show. Police work remains challenged due to rising violent crime, felonies committed by juveniles, and the ever-changing state laws that require us to adapt to ensure we can remain "Committed to relentlessly fighting crime with trust and care." Our industry will continue to face unprecedented challenges to staff retention, recruiting, hiring, and training. These challenges will likely continue for the next five to ten years as the next generations of public servants are hired, trained, and succeed in our agency.

In 2024, we are committed to adapting to the following challenges:

Recruiting and retention: We have assigned a police officer as a full-time “Recruiter” to address our local needs. This remains a challenging career, and we are seeking to ensure our professional staff (records, evidence, community service/outreach, crime analysis, administrative) and commissioned officers (police officers, corporals, sergeants) are supported with fully staffed teams and can serve others while growing themselves laterally and vertically throughout their careers.

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Ensuring Neighborhood and Urban Area Public Safety: Des Moines is a beautiful waterfront community that faces urban city public safety challenges. I am proud of the work of our officers and professional staff who work hard daily to provide excellent services and move forward our vision “To be a highly-regarded organization through innovative, progressive, and accountable policing practices.” We are continually revamping our efforts to ensure we can be present and connected to your neighborhood while also being proactive. We have revised the South Substation (in the Redondo Square/Safeway complex at 27013 Pacific Hwy S). Several members of our Special Operations Unit will be working there as their primary duty station, alongside our partner agencies.

Ongoing training and accreditation: We continue to exceed standards for state-mandated training and WASPC accreditation standards. This requires a daily commitment (in personnel, time, and resources) to ensure excellence. It has also required us to look hard at areas where the minimum required training does not meet our standard of excellence or our community's expectations. In 2024, we will begin rolling out Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) training from Georgetown Law. This will improve officer safety, uphold high standards, and build trust with our community. We are also formalizing our supervisory oversight and training through a formal corporal program while revising and updating all field training documents and field trainer expectations.

2024 Goals and Strategies

Retention, Recruiting, Succession:

  • Enhance Recruitment Strategies
  • Foster Professional Development
  • Strengthen Succession Planning

Safety and Wellness:

  • Enhance Officer Well-Being and Mental Health
  • Strengthen Community Safety
  • Improve Officer Safety

Technology and Equipment:

  • Implement Cutting-edge Technology
  • Ensure Excellent Equipment
  • Enhance Technology & Cybersecurity

Tim Gately
Chief of Police 

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