When to call 911

Valley Communication

When to call 911 vs 206-878-2121

Reporting Emergencies & Less Critical Situations

If there is an Immediate, Life-Threatening Emergency, DIAL 911

  • Medical emergencies
  • Any type of fire
  • A crime in-progress
  • Any suspicious activity
  • Any dangerous or life threatening emergency
  • Any time a person fears for their safety or the safety of others

It can be frightening to call 911 for emergency help, but it is important for responders to have the necessary information to provide assistance to those in need. It is also important for you to stay as calm as possible to assist the 911 dispatcher. Be prepared to provide the address you are at and/or answer all questions to help the dispatcher find your location.

To Report Non-Emergencies, Call 206-878-2121

  • For situations where police or the fire department is needed but there is NOT an emergency
  • Situations where emergency services are needed but there is no danger nor life-threatening circumstance occurring at the time
  • The return of a runaway child
  • A hit and run traffic collision when you are no longer at the scene of the collision
  • Lost property
  • Additional information after an initial report has been made

If you are unsure if your situation is an emergency, DIAL 911

Are you reporting a crime that occurred prior? If you do not have any suspect information, you can make a case report online by clicking HERE.