Report a Concern

Submit a Code Enforcement Complaint
City of Des Moines Code Compliance is committed to promoting safe, healthy, and attractive neighborhoods and improving the quality of our community by fair enforcement of the code.

Submit a Fix-It Form Request
The Fix-It form helps us identify a non-code enforcement problem in your area such as a pothole. Should a problem require urgent attention, please call us immediately. For a police emergency, dial 911. Otherwise, call (206) 878-4595.  Thank you for your assistance!

Submit an Animal Complaint

Report a Crime Online

Submit a Public Records Request
Any person wishing to request access to public records from any City department shall make the request to the Public Records Officer using the public records request form.

Report an Abandoned Vehicle
A vehicle left on city right of way that is obviously abandon and has been for some time. This does not include vehicles on private property. On-going parking issues over a period of time, that are not on private property (other than fire lane/hydrant or disabled parking).

Report a Street Light Outage