Public Hearings / Legal Notices

Public Announcements

This section contains public announcements about upcoming projects and decisions. Public notices and announcements required by law are published in the Seattle Times. Major construction projects are advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce and small works projects handled through Municipal Research Service Center (MRSC).


For more information about the city's announcements or pending decisions, contact the City Clerk at (206) 870-6519.

May 20, 2021 Public Hearing Notice - Transportation Improvement Plan for years 2021-2040

North Marina Parking Lot Bulkhead & Restroom Replacement Project
1. Des Moines Bulkhead Plans - 1969.pdf
2. 20180917 - PmtDrawingsRev - NWS - 2018-492.pdf
3. Geo Report.pdf
4. Hydraulic Project Approval.pdf
5. Fish & Wildlife Service.pdf
7. Determination of Nonsignificance.pdf
8. Department of the Army Corps of Engineer, Seattle District.pdf
9. Appendix A Inadvertent Discovery of Cultural Resources and Human Skeletal Remains.pdf
10. Excerpt from the Biological Opinion.pdf
11. Nationwide Permit 3 Terms and Conditions.pdf
12. United States Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration .pdf

Request for Qualifications - ROW Acquisition Service - 24th Ave South Improvement Project (Segment 2)

Request for Qualifications - Des Moines Marina Dock Replacements

Statements of Qualifications - Des Moines Marina Dock Replacements

Notice of Unclaimed Property

8th Place Slide - Documents and Photos

WAC 197-11-800 - Categorical Exemptions

DMMC Chapter 18 prior to January 24, 2014 Re-writes