Q. Does the City offer volunteer opportunities?
A. Absolutely! There are a wide variety of programs, projects and advisory committees to choose from. From ivy removal at Beach Park, to major building renovation projects, coaching, assisting with senior services programs and much more!

Q. Will there be paper work involved or can I just start working?
A. There is a small bit of paper work before any project is started. It includes the Volunteer Agreement which defines the work to be done and protects individuals against any accidents through the City's L&I insurance coverage. For this coverage, we need to report hours worked to L& I so each time someone volunteers, their hours are documented. In some programs Washington State Background Checks are required. However, it's really a very simple process.

Q. Will someone be supervising me?
A. It depends on the volunteer work. A few days before you volunteer, we will meet with you onsite to give you a clear picture of the work needed. We'll also determine what we have to support you or what you might need to bring yourself in order to accomplish the job. For example, with a recent the ivy removal project, volunteers brought saws, rakes, gloves, eye protection and we supplied a vegetation bin for them to put the ivy in.

Q. How do I get started?
A. It's easy. Just call 206-870-6527 or email the Parks, Recreation & Senior Services office to get started. They will explain everything to you. Thank you in advance for your support of the Community!

Q. Can I perform my Community Service hours with the City?
A. Yes, we are happy to assign duties to fulfill your community service hours. Once completed we can write a letter on your behalf for the courts. Email or call the Parks, Recreation & Senior Services office at 206-870-6527.

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