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To encourage and provide the diverse population of the Greater Des Moines area opportunities to experience life-enhancing activities through developed and well-maintained park land and facilities, professional programming and services, and the optimum utilization of community resources.

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January 15, 2021 Programs Update

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Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Master Plan Update

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The 2022-2026 Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Master Plan update is underway, with the intention of responding to community needs and input. The plan will also incorporate changed conditions since the last update in 2016. This project is intended to build on and utilize information from the current plan. The plan must continue to meet the planning requirements of the State of Washington Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO). We also intend to increase plan functionality by editing for brevity and clarity.
The Master Plan elements are as follows:

1.0 Goals and Objectives
Update the goals and objectives to incorporate changed conditions and respond to Council and public input.

2.0 Inventory
Review past plan inventory and update for changes since 2016. For example, several new properties have been acquired, and will be added to the inventory.

2.0 Public Participation
Des Moines is committed to providing opportunities for public participation in the plan update. This will be accomplished through internet surveys, booth at Farmer’s Market, youth engagement, and interviews. Public involvement will have some limitations related to the pandemic and the timing of the plan update.

4.0 Demand and Need Analysis
Des Moines is dedicated to providing recreational opportunity for everyone. The demand analysis in the current plan will be reviewed and updated with an emphasis on responding to changing demographics.

5.0 Capital Improvement Program
Update the Capital Improvement Program to be consistent with the current City adopted CIP, such as removing completed projects and adding additional projects to respond to new acquisitions.

We welcome your input and feedback as we undergo this update. Tell us what you would like to see in future Parks, Recreation and Senior Services. Along with consultant support from AHBL, the plan update will be finalized and brought to City Council by December 31, 2021.

You can view the current plan here.

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