Public Hearings / Legal Notices

Public Announcements

This section contains public announcements about upcoming projects and decisions. Public notices and announcements required by law are published in the Seattle Times. Major construction projects are advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce and small works projects handled through Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) Rosters.

For more information about the city's announcements or pending decisions, contact the City Clerk at (206) 870-6552.

Notice of Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Application - LUA2024-0007 - S. 223rd St. and Cliff Ave S

Notice of Flood Hazard Application - LUA2024-0012 - Easement adjacent to 828 S. 260th St.

Notice of SEPA DNS LUA2024-0016

Advertisement for Bids - Redondo Restroom Replacement

Notice of Public Hearing - Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for years 2025-2044

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