COVID Vaccination Distribution to Pharmacies - How to Get An Appointment

COVID Vaccination Distribution to Pharmacies - How to Get An Appointment
Posted on 02/04/2021

On February 2, 2021 the Federal Government announced that starting February 11th they will be distributing vaccinations directly to pharmacies. They will start with 1,000,000 doses to 6,500 pharmacies nationwide. Below is information on some of the area's local pharmacies that are part of this distribution plan and how you can check for appointment and set up alerts for you or a family member.

Walgreens allows people to set up an account and request alerts when vaccinations are available. To set up your alerts or alerts for Family use the below link.

CVS currently does not have an alert system. For COVID Vaccination information use the below link.

Safeway also has an alert system available. You must set up an account in the system in order to receive alerts. Use the below link.

QFC has a site you can check by Zip Code for vaccination availability. An account is not required to check but as they do not have vaccinations yet. No alerts currently available.

Haggen is mostly up North however they are also part of the program. Below is information on their pharmacies. It does not appear that an account is required.

Fred Meyer will be offering shots but does not have an alert system or any availability to check to see what will be required to set up an appointment. It may be good forward planning to create an account as it may be quick to schedule an appointment if your information is already available.
Fred Meyer:

Walmart will be offering vaccinations down the line. Currently only the Walmart Pharmacies in FL will be administering the vaccine but this is anticipated to grow nationally as availability of the vaccine increases.

Costco is offering vaccination through its Pharmacies. You can make an appointment on their web site but the only way to get to the link is through the State DOH portal. Use the below link.