Capital Improvements and Maintenance

The goal of the City's Surface Water Maintenance (SWM) Division is to prevent urban flooding and reduce the discharge of pollutants into streams and the Puget Sound through proactive maintenance of the drainage infrastructure.

City Drainage Standards

The 2021 King County Surface Water Design Manual has been adopted (DMMC 16.10.350) by reference as the City of Des Moines storm water standards.

2021 King County Surface Water Manual

City Pipe Program

Those street ditches can be filled! In a joint venture with the home owners, Public Works crews will provide the heavy equipment and labor to install pipes, catch basins and backfill material (gravel) to fill in the ditches if the owner pays for the materials. For those interested, a cost estimate can be obtained from 
Brandon Pitts, Civil Engineer I, at (206) 870-6523 or email.

Current Capital Improvements Projects

Current Capital Improvement Projects List

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