Vision, Mission & Business Plan

Economic Development Vision

Des Moines, an economically thriving community that maximizes the potential of its natural assets.

Economic Development Mission

The City of Des Moines has positioned itself to grow with a multi-faceted approach to improving the local economy. The city has a proactive commitment to Economic Development, and the City Council and staff at all levels are committed to action steps a part of a coordinated team effort.

Economic Development Business Plan Goals

  • Easing of development regulation and restrictions

  • Pro-active outreach to investors and developers

  • Encouraging high economic impact development such as tourism

  • Promoting the city by attracting target populations to patronize Des Moines businesses

Action Steps:

  • Promote economic vitality and strategically position Des Moines for the future
    • Promote Des Moines as the progressive, opportunity - rich city in the Puget Sound region

    • Capitalize on opportunities through bold and creative economic development strategies

    • Recruit and retain businesses to ensure a dynamic, diversified employment base

    • Nurture entrepreneurship and foster successful partnerships with businesses and community leaders

    • Leverage public / private resources to focus development on economic centers

  • Support planned growth and influence decisions that impact the city
    • Foster development of vibrant, sustainable, attractive, mixed-use neighborhoods in urban centers

    • Uphold a high standard of design and property maintenance

    • Advocate city interests through state and federal lobbying efforts, regional partnerships, and other organizations

    • Pursue transportation and other regional improvements and services that improve quality of life

    • Balance development with environmental protection

  • Building an inclusive city with opportunities for all
    • Improve access to city services and programs and make residents and businesses aware of opportunities to be involved with their community

    • Build connections with all communities that reflect the breadth and richness of the diversity in our city

    • Promote understanding and appreciation of our diversity through celebrations and festivals

    • Provide critical and relevant information on a timely basis and facilitate two-way dialogue between city government and the community

    • Encourage volunteerism, participation, and civic engagement

  • Meet service demands and provide high quality customer service
    • Plan, develop, and maintain; quality services, infrastructure, and amenities

    • Prioritize services at levels that can be sustained by revenue

    • Develop and maintain collaborative partnerships and investment strategies that improve services

    • Respond to growing service demands through partnerships, innovation, and outcome management