Take Me Home

Take me Home
The Des Moines Police Department has launched the Take Me Home program! Originally developed by the Pensacola, Florida Police Department, this is a free service for any Des Moines resident who has difficulty communicating or may need special assistance if they are alone and/or in an emergency situation because they may become disoriented or may act in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders. The program is directed towards individuals with Autism, Down syndrome, developmental or cognitive disabilities. It is also intended to assist senior citizens who may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's.

How Does it Work?

Families or individuals are invited to complete a Take Me Home registration form which provides essential information about the loved one with special needs and a current digital photograph. This information is entered into The Take Me Home secured database which is housed, maintained and accessible only to public safety personnel.

When a participant in the Take Me Home program is encountered by a police officer, the officer can access the Take Me Home database and search by name or physical description. The results of the search will display the enrollment information and allows the officer to assist the person in returning home. This system can also work in reverse. In the event a participant is missing the picture and description is immediately available and can be provided to police personnel.

For more information contact CSO Tonya Seaberry (206) 870-7619 or [email protected]