Snow Plowing & Sanding Information

In the event of a snowstorm, the City's Public Works Department has set up a priority list of streets and roads that receive plowing and sanding applications. Some of the streets and roads that are on steep hills and have a history of hazardous conditions will be closed to traffic due to the unsafe conditions.

Potential Locations for Roadway Closures

Public Works crews respond on notice to snow and ice concerns in case of heavy snow fall or black ice conditions. Crew members may close steep hills and streets that have a history of icy conditions. The following is a list of streets that may be closed:
4th Ave. South--S. 210th to S. 216th
S. 206th St--9th Ave. S. to DMMD
S. 208th St--9th Ave. S. to DMMD
S. 212th St--7th Pl. S. to DMMD
S. 224th St.--30th Ave. S. to Pac Hwy S.
S. 234th St.--25th Ave. S. to KDM Rd.
S. 240th St.-24th Ave. S. to 16th Ave. S.
S. 250th St.-20th Ave. S. to 16th Ave. S.
10th Ave. S.--S. 226th St. to KDM Rd.
S. 230th St.--12th Ave. S. to KDM Rd.

Snow Plowing & Sanding

The first priority for plowing and sanding applications is for life-line and emergency response route. After these primary roadways are cleared, other arterial roadways, and eventually residential streets can be addressed. The amount of snow or ice is the deciding factor in how soon residential areas are serviced. Sometimes main arterials and require repeated plowing or sanding.

The following is a priority list for sanding and plowing:

A.1 Pacific Hwy S.: S. 216th St. to KDM Rd.
A.2 Kent Des Moines Road.: Pacific Hwy S. to MVD
A.3 MVD: Kent Des Moines Rd. to Des Moines Memorial Drive
A.4 S. 216th St.: MVD to I-5 (City Limits)
A.5 Des Memorial Drive: MVD to S. 208th St. (City Limits)
A.6 16th Ave. S.: KDM to Pacific Hwy. S.
A.7 S. 272 St.: Pacific Hwy. S. to 12th Ave. S./Marine View Drive
A.8 Marine View Drive: S. 272nd St. to Redondo Beach Dr.
A.9 Redondo Beach Drive: Redondo Way to Federal Way City Limits
A.10 Redondo Way: Redondo Beach Drive to Federal Way City Limits
A.11 S. 260th St.: 16th Ave. S. to Pacific Hwy. S.
A.12 Woodmont Dr.: 16th Ave. S. to MVD
A.13 MVD: Woodmont Dr. to Kent Des Moines Rd.
A.14 S. 240th St.: MVD to Pacific Hwy. S.

B.1 S. 227th St.: MVD to Marina
B.2 7th Ave. S.: S. 227th St. to MVD
B.3 S. 223rd St.: 7th Ave. S. to 24th Ave. S.
B.4 24th Ave. S.: KDM to S. 216th St.
B.5 S. 200th & S. 199th St.: DMMD to 1st Ave. S.
B.6 8th Ave. S.: S. 200th St. to S. 192nd St.
B.7 S. 208th St.: DMMD to 1st Ave. S.
B.8 4th Ave. S.: S. 199th St. to S. 216th St.
B.9 11th Ave. S.: S. 216th St. to S. 220th St.
B.10 S. 220th St.; 9th Ave. S. to 19th Ave. S.
B.11 16th Ave. S.: S.220th St. to KDM

C.1 S. 222nd St.: 6th Ave. S. to 223rd St.
C.3 S. 219th St.: 7th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S.
C.4 19th Ave. S.: S. 220th St. to S. 229th St.
C.5 8th Ave. S.: S. 208th St. to S. 200th St.

D.1 Utility District Driveway - upon request
D.2 Residential Streets

Other Services
The Department also provides sandbags to the City's citizens at $2.00 per bag for the individual's use for traction or extra vehicle weight.
Current Equipment Resources:

Three snow plow trucks with sand spreaders
Two 4x4 pick-up trucks with plows
One road grader
One front-end Loader
Two backhoes