Current Land Use Applications

Filling & Accepting

Land use applications that have been filed and accepted may be viewed on the MyPermits website.

If you have questions about a proposal, or wish to be made a party of record and receive additional information by mail, contact the project manager listed. Please have the project number when calling to ensure proper file identification. Anyone who submits written comments will automatically become a party of record and will be notified of any decisions made. Because language of land use actions is often complicated, please contact the Planning Office if further information or details are required.

Proposal Information

To learn more about a proposal call the project manager assigned to the proposal. Names, telephone numbers, and email addresses are listed with each land use action. Or, visit the Planning and Building Department, located at 21630 11th Avenue South to review the files for the proposal. Operation hours are Monday through Friday form 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. The office can be reached at (206) 870-7576.

Comment on a Proposal

To comment on a proposal send your written comments to the project manager listed, Planning Division, at 21630 11th Avenue South, Des Moines WA 98198, and be sure to include your name and address. (Email comments will not be accepted unless they are followed up with written and signed comments.) Comments will be accepted until the time a staff report is prepared for the decision or recommendation, with a minimum comment period of at least 14 days (30 days for shoreline proposals). If you submit a written comment, you will be sent a copy of the decision or recommendation. All written comments become part of the permanent record.

Appeal Permit Decision

To appeal a permit decision appeals of decisions must be filed in writing together with the required fee (see fee schedule for more information) to the hearing examiner. Appeals to the examiner are governed by Des Moines Municipal Code. Additional information regarding the appeal process may be obtained from the Planning / Building Office at (206) 870-7576.