Sonju Park: Work Parties, Past & Future

Sonju Park: Work Parties, Past & Future
Posted on 04/11/2022

Work Parties, Past & Future

 The next gardener work party date is Saturday, May 14 from 10 a.m. to noon. We'll focus on planting in the food bank plots and removing poison hemlock from below the cherry trees.

 Please also respond to the work group survey. Now that we've got two of the food bank plots planted with four types of radishes, turnips, and lettuce, it's time to start thinking about how we want to handle weeding, harvesting, and delivery to the food bank.

[Work Group Survey]

 Thanks to Bill, Karen, Kevin, Olivia, and Tami for making it out to the last work party. It was a lot of work getting the food bank plots clear. There was a lot of celebration with the discovery of ever plumper worms. We also saw Simion and Jen, who had some ideas for new plantings adjacent to the cherry trees.

 New Gardeners

We've got several new gardeners who have joined this year!

 Kurt, Olivia, Azeb, Julie, and Ryan are joining us. Please welcome them and say hi when you see them and their families in the garden.

 Gardening Resources

 There are other places to go for this information, but I'm a big fan of Washington State University's Extension services. They have numerous publications (available in their store and FREE to download).

 April 14 Weeding Deadline

Please clear your beds of weeds by April 14. Any beds that remain full of weeds by that date will be considered abandoned. If your circumstances are currently preventing you from weeding, it is your responsibility to reach out to a friend, family, fellow gardener, or to me so that we can arrange to have it weeded, while keeping your plot in your hands

 Other Updates

  • There's been some damage to the barn door. I filed a report with the police department. Parks & Rec and Highline College have been informed. Passionate about barn restoration? Want to see that barn become an integral aspect of the park and garden? Let us know in the survey above!
  • Woodchips have been delivered. Help keep paths clear and weed-free!
  • Three new raised beds are going in this weekend. I treated cedar lumber with boiled linseed oil and I'll be cutting, drilling, and attaching pieces together over the course of today and tomorrow.
  • Farmers have been busy in their section of the garden. Say hi!
  • I'm playing phone tag with Burien Sand & Soil to get pricing on compost. I'll let you know when I have an answer.
  • Parks & Rec staff have been working with other Des Moines garden stewards and Forterra to organize events later this year. Follow them on Facebook for updates.
  • The greenhouse is available for you to use. Please be mindful of others' seedlings.