Field Use Update

Field Use Update
Posted on 04/23/2021
As we continue to monitor the COVID pandemic and associated health and safety needs, we’ve had a number of requests for field usage in the City. Our main priority continues to be safety and mindfulness in our current climate.

At this time we plan to allow vetted teams and sports organizations usage of our fields, as a pilot project, with the City maintaining the right to cancel usage at any time should COVID numbers surge, or safety protocols not be abided by.

The Highline School District and the City of Des Moines have long shared a partnership and the City has always prioritized providing recreation opportunities for community school children.

Based on the preparation of a solid COVID safety plan, and along with our City guidelines, the City has approved the use of Steven J Underwood Field for the Mt Rainier High School girls softball season, starting today - Monday, April 12.

We want community members to be able to safely utilize our fields as well, so long as a thorough safety plan is approved and state guidelines allow.

We are looking into opening additional rental reservations in the near future and will provide updates on this shortly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding – and sticking by us during these challenging times.