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Reader Board Application

  1. Reader Board Application

    All applicants must complete the form provided and phrase their message in as concise of a manner as possible since space is limited. The message may be edited or abbreviated to meet the reader board formatting or City standards. Application must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired start date.

  2. Fees & Options

  3. One Day to One Month Displays

    One $50 administrative setup fee included.

  4. Three Month Displays

    Up to three $50 administrative set up fees included.

  5. Six Month Displays

    Up to six $50 administrative set up fees included.

  6. Annual Displays

    Up to twelve $50 administrative set up fees included.

  7. *Certain combinations of font and background color are reserved for city departments.

  8. In displaying the message would you like a transition or entry effect?

    *The message will be formatted to comply with City guideline and for maximum effect.

  9. After application is received and approved, you will be contact by the city for payment. Questions or comments: Phone: 206-870-6547 Email:

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