Betts Memorial Boardwalk


1862:  Charles E. (Eugene) Betts born 20 May 1862 in Iowa.

1864:  Mary Ellen (Ella) Horning born 26 December 1864 Indiana.

1871:  Zacharias Stone and his family landed. Son Sam received a land grant signed by President Ulysses S. Grant and Homesteaded Stones Landing. 

1884:  Mary Ellen Horning married Charles E. Betts 17 February 1884 in Polk, Iowa.

1886:  Streamer service is provided by Captain John Phillips.

Stone family started logging the area.

1890:  A settlement along the beach visited by boats with mail and supplies.

1892:  The Sternwheeler "Otter" became a floating store visiting Stones Landing, Des Moines and other coastal areas.

1894:  Weston J Betts was born 11 November 1894 in Ankeny, Iowa. 

1896:  Al Anderson and his 4 brothers cut down 500 year old trees and rafted them to Burton, Quartermaster Harbor.   West Fork Logging Company a Stone's lumber camp. L.T. McDonald Lumber Mill opened at 28786 Beach Drive. 2 railroads traversed Woodmont Beach.

1898: Charles and Mary Ellen Betts with 3 year old son Weston arrived 28 April 1898 from Iowa. The barge stopped in front of Stones Landing where they shoved the horses and belongings off into the water and the family waded ashore. They homesteaded Springer Ranch, 45 acres.

Captain McDowell, a Scotsman, started the McDowell Transportation Company. All his boats started with the letter “D” Dauntless, Defiance, Dove, Darling, Daily and Dart.

Dr. Runnalls an archaeologist from Puyallup uncovers an interesting mound of shells. “Kitchen Midden” 40’ in diameter and 20’ high, made by ancient tribes. Only one of its kind West of the Mississippi. At the root of the mound was an 800 year old tree. The doctor was convinced the mound was over 1,000 years old. Redondo is one of 3 known Native American campsites on Puget Sound.

1899:  Stones Landing Post Office operated 1899-1904.

1900:  Rumrunner Roy Olmstead operated traffic of famous brand alcohol. Roy brought the whiskey from Canada by fast speed boat at night without lights through the San Juan Islands to Dumas Bay and Stones Landing. He finally got caught off Woodmont Beach. Roy used an abandoned house near Cold Brook Park to hide his whiskey.

Stones Landing achieved notoriety for its prized Native American Fights, Rum running and Murders. A barge loaded to its gun-whales with fighters and fans was towed far enough out for the constables but not far enough to appease objecting residences who finally succeeded in having the bouts stopped. 

1902:    Lauree Evelyn Burgess born 22 February 1902 in Iowa.

1904:    Redondo Post Office (Built by Charles Betts) 8 October,1904-2007 Isaac and Ida Hurd (related to Betts Family) ran the Redondo Post Office for many years. (Isaac from his wheelchair.) 

Charles Betts built the first store in Stones Landing. It was later the Lindstrand Store.

Charles bought 48 acres from the Stone Family and started to plot lots for building.

8 October 1904 Charles changed the name from Stones Landing to Redondo Beach, he wanted to remove the bad reputation that Stones Landing had achieved. He named it after a coastal town in California that he had visited.

1906:    In June 1906 the streamer “Multnomah” arrived to pick up Swedish picnickers from a day enjoying the beach. There were up to 1000 people that day and the dock was full of over 200 people, a stringer that held the dock broke spilling dozens of people into the cold water. 13 people died, some from exposure, others from the planks people threw in to help, but hit them and they drown.

1907: The first boardwalk in Redondo, the Dorcas Club (of which Mary Ellen Betts     was a charter member) their first project was to raise money to purchase lumber for a 3 plank boardwalk from Redondo to Buena. The local men laid the planks.

1909:    Redondo School established in Redondo Community Center. 

Nels Christenson and Charlie Ziegler came to Redondo

1910:    Charles Betts brings Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-Round, and Slides to Redondo Picnic Park.

Redondo School opened.                                                                                                                                                                          

1913:    Charles dedicated the beach to be used by the public with the agreement that if not used by the public it goes back the Betts family.

1914:    Pat Pattison born 9 October 1914 in Lewistown, MT. 

1916:    Nels Christenson built a shooting gallery on the property that later became the Betts Amusedrome, stationary targets like clay pipes and dollar bills suspended by a silk thread (cut the thread and win the bills) also they tied dead rats by their tails. The tails were tough and bullets would bounce off.

Charlie Ziegler built a three lane bowling alley near the shooting gallery.

1917:  Weston enlisted in the Army. Served in Belgium and France.

1918:  9 February 1918 Weston J Betts promoted from Private to Corporal of Company C 316th Motor Supply Train at Camp Lewis at American Lake, WA of the National Army of the U.S. He was stationed in France. His duty was to drive a lieutenant named Byron in a motorcycle with a sidecar. While driving up a hill the sidecar was hit by an oncoming vehicle and the lieutenant was killed. Weston’s son Byron was named after the lieutenant. 

1920:  Nels Christenson built the Boathouse over the water.

1921:  Weston Betts returns from the Army. Weston worked at a Brick Plant in Redondo.  Weston bought the 15 year old 50’ diameter carousel with 36 horses for $7,000 (Dwight D. Eisenhower sanded on the poplar wood horses when he was 16 years old.)

Charles and Weston Betts built the 3 story Amusedrome, (Dance Hall).

13 August 1921 Weston Betts and Lauree Evelyn Burgess married.

1922:  Amusedrome opened. Weston and Lauree’s daughter Evelyn Betts born 25 October 1922.

1926:  Charles Betts dies 12 July 1926 in Redondo WA. 

Byron Lee Betts born 2 August 1926 in Tacoma, WA. 

Margaret May Hunt/Rogers born 17 June 1926 in Tacoma.

Weston removes bottom bathhouse floor of Amusedrome leaving 2 stories.

1930:  Barbara Jean Betts born 30 October 1930 in Tacoma, WA. Amusedrome burned from electrical fire.

1931:  John Eric Englund born 23 July 1931.

1936:  Weston and Lauree Betts opened the Redondo Skating Arena on the Amusedrome property. All skates had wooden wheels.

1937:  Weston Betts joined the newly formed R.S.R.O.A. (Roller Skating Rink Operators Association). He was a founding member.

1938:  Weston Betts became 2nd member of the Pacific Coast, a small group of roller rink operators in January. Pat Pattison won the Puget Sound Championship in Speed Skating. Only skater from the Pacific Coast to enter the R.S.R.O.A. National Championships at Sefferino’s Rollerdrome, Cincinnati, Ohio. Pat was awarded the only Outstanding Sportsmanship Trophy given at the National Championships.

1939:  Redondo Beach and Buena area formed Water District 56 initially Weston Betts owned the water service.

1940:  Pat Pattison and Evie Betts married 5 March 1940.

1941:  Carole Jeanette Pattison born 3 March 1941.

1943:  Redondo Library opened, operated by Mozelle Johnson. It closed in 1976.

1944:  Washington State Championships were held in 4 rinks. Redondo, Southgate, Everett Skateland, and Kings in Tacoma.

1945:  WWII ended and skaters came home. This is the only year National Championships were not held. The Betts family never charged Military in Uniform an admission fee.

1946:  6 September 1946 “Skating Fantasies of 1946” by members of the Redondo Roller Club, celebrated the final remodel of Redondo Roller Rink. The skating floor size was 90 foot by 175 foot. The entrance, lobby and spectator section was 100 foot by 130 foot. Barbara Lauree Pattison born 3 March 1946.

1947:  Byron Betts and Margaret Rogers married 11 August 1947.

1949:  Christine May Betts born 26 April 1949 in Tacoma, WA.

Michael Allan Pattison born 4 October 1949.

1950:  The Redondo Store was operated by the Lindstrand's and later by the Kirkabes. The post office in the store was run by Harry “Stu” and Mary Jane Birlingham. Stu was the Postmaster for 33 years.

Redondo Beach Drive washed out.

1951:  20 January 1951 Redondo Rink burns to the ground from arson.

Weston Betts moves the Antique Carousel and rides to Woodland Park Zoo.

Eric Englund and Barbara Betts marry 17 August 1951. 

Pat and Evie remodeled Pattison Rollercade in Spokane and opened in September.

1952:  Catherine Fay Betts born 30 April 1952 in Tacoma, WA.

1953:  Gary Lee Englund born 16 December 1953.

1954:  Weston J Betts II born 16 June 1954 in Tacoma, WA.

Larry Weston Pattison born 17 March 1954 in Seattle, WA.

Nels Boathouse changed to Nels Boathouse Tavern.

1956:  Lauree Betts died 4 May 1956.

1957:  Sheri and Teri Englund born 4 April 1957.

1959:  3 April 1959 Weston and Byron Betts with Eric Englund opened Betts’ Redondo Marina. Opening weekend was April 3 – 4. It held 300 boats in dry storage. There was nothing like it west of the Mississippi.

1960:  1 October 1960 Weston Betts sells Betts Redondo Marina, Mae and Al's Boathouse, and Redondo Park.

Mary Ellen Betts dies at age 96, 15 December 1960. She was the oldest living pioneer, living 63 years in Redondo. She was an Eastern Star, Dorcas Club, and Redondo Community Club Member. She was known by all as little Grandma Betts. She was active in consolidation of present Federal Way Schools.

The Carousel was moved back to Redondo on the site of the Redondo Skating Arena. 

1961:  15 August 1961 Bobbie and Eric operated Rollerfair in Everett, WA.

1962:  The Carousel was moved to the Seattle Worlds Fair. Later it was moved to Point Defiance in Tacoma, WA.

Byron and May Betts built Bayshore Apartments on the site of the Redondo Skating Arena. Bayshore was later sold as condominiums, one of the first in the State of Washington.

1964:  Dennis King and wife Carole Pattison (King) opened Wenatchee Roller Bowl.  Closed in 1968.

1966:  Ben Winkler and wife Bobbie Pattison (Winkler) bought Coos Bay Roller Rink in Oregon. They operated it for one year.

1967:  150 to 300 year old bones (2 skulls and a vertebrae) unearthed in South Redondo, WA.

1968:  Nels Boathouse Tavern renamed Redondo Tavern.

1969:  Carole and Dennis King bought Kent Tiffany’s Skate Inn and Puyallup Tiffany’s Skate Inn. Kent Tiffany’s sold in 1986.

1971:  Redondo Tavern renamed Redondo Beach Tavern.

1972:  Redondo Beach Tavern renamed Redondo Beach Broiler.

Bobbie and Ben Winkler bought Pattison’s Rollercade in Spokane, WA.

1973:  Weston Betts died 21 August 1973 in Seattle, WA. He was the Past Master of Des Moines chapter of the Masonic lodge number 245, Veterans of Foreign Wars in Auburn, WA, a life member of R.S.R.O.A. of America, Member of Northwestern Showman’s Club, and member of Queen’s City Yacht Club. Affectionately known as Mr. Redondo. 

Byron and May Betts updated Kiddieland in Bellevue, WA and renamed it Lollipop Park. Weston Betts II lived on the property as manager.

1975:  Eric Englund and wife Bobbie (Betts) Englund built Skate Deck, Everett, WA. 

Redondo Beach Broiler changed to Paul’s Dock.

1976:  Eric and Bobbie Englund opened Skate Deck in Everett, WA.

1977:  Byron and May Betts built Enchanted Village. A 13 acre Family Entertainment Park in Federal Way, WA for $300,000. 

Lollipop Park was closed and 9 of the original rides were moved to Enchanted Village.

Paul’s Dock changed to Fisherman’s Market.

1979:  Pat and Evie Pattison opened Pattison’s West Skating Rink in Federal Way, WA.

Fisherman’s Market changed to Sebastian’s Sea Food.

Byron resigned as Lakehaven Sewer Commissioner in Federal Way, WA after serving for several years.

1980:  Sebastian’s Sea Food changed back to Paul’s Dock.

1981:  Paul’s Dock changed to Salty’s at Redondo Beach.

1983:  Salty’s Restaurant tore down the oldest building in Redondo (built by Charles Betts) to make additional parking for the restaurant before the people of Redondo could finalize adding it to the National Register of Historic places. The building was demolished within one week.

1984:  Byron and May Betts built Wild Waves Waterpark; an addition to Enchanted Village for $6 million and Enchanted Parks was formed. 

Thomas and Federica Wooten donate 3 acres for Redondo Park, for the children of Redondo.

1989:  Gary and Karen Englund operated Centralia Rollerdrome in Centralia, WA for 10 years.

1990:  Redondo Beach Drive washes out.

1992:  Enchanted Parks is sold. Byron and May Betts retire. New owner adds 25 acres plus more attractions.

1995:  Wooten Park opens in Redondo, WA. 

1996:  Larry and Janet Pattison open roller rink in Spanaway, WA. Weston Betts II remodeled the rink. Closes in 2002. 

Redondo became a community within the incorporated boundary of Des Moines in King County, WA.

1997:  Redondo Annexed into Des Moines, WA.

1998:  Wild Waves Water Park and Enchanted Village annexed into Federal Way, WA.

1999:  Teri and Sheri Englund took over operation of Skate Deck. Teri is operating the rink at this time. Bobbie and Eric Englund retire.

December 1999 Gary and Karen Englund opened Skagit Skate in Burlington, WA.

2000:  Pat Pattison died 1 July 2000.

Six Flags buys Enchanted Parks for $19.3 million. 

2002:  Evelyn Pattison died 16 December 2002 in Federal Way, WA.

Six Flags adds 10 rides to Enchanted Parks.

2003:  Byron Betts died 7 October 2003 in Redondo, WA.

Six Flags adds TimberHawk Roller Coaster.

2006:  Shaun and Jerico Pattison purchased Spokane Rollercade from his aunt and uncle Winkler. Ben and Bobbie Winkler retire.

2007:  PARC Management buys Wild Waves and 6 other theme parks for $312 million. Park name changed to Wild Waves Theme Park.

2009:  Enchanted Village Family Entertainment Park name was retired. Park name changed to Wild Waves Theme Park. Ferris Wheel and Antique Carousel from early Redondo still remain.

2013:  Bobbie Englund dies 21 April 2013.

2014:  Storm destroys boardwalk in Redondo.

2015:  6 generations of the Betts family resided in Redondo from 1898-2015 when Charles and Mary Ellen’s 4th generation Granddaughter LeAnna Spillner, 3rd generation Granddaughter Deanna May Spillner and 2nd generation Granddaughter Catherine Fay Betts sold the last Bayshore Condominium.  Hopefully other Betts relatives will return to Redondo in the future.

2016:  Boardwalk in Redondo reopens.

Enchanted Village reopens as separate part of Wild Waves Theme Park.

2017:  13 November 2017 May Betts dies.

2018:  Wild Waves Theme Park changed name to Wild Waves Theme and Water Park

2019:  Des Moines City Council approves the naming of the Redondo Boardwalk and Sea Wall to Honor the Betts Family’s contributions to the building and naming of Redondo. The Betts Memorial Boardwalk and Sea Wall.

2019: By Christy Betts Peterson and Cathy Betts

“The Betts Family celebrated Family Entertainment so families could enjoy time spent together.”