DUI Court

DUI Court is a specialized therapeutic court dedicated to changing the behavior of high risk DUI offenders through intensive treatment and supervision. The goal of DUI Court is to protect public safety by using the highly successful drug court model that uses accountability and long-term treatment to address alcohol and drug addiction. Using a team approach, DUI Court brings together criminal justice stakeholders (judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, probation officer, treatment provider, law enforcement officers) all of whom work collaboratively as a team to support each participant in addressing and combating the chemical dependency issues that brought them into the criminal justice system. All of our DUI Court Team members have received foundational training in the DUI Court model through the National Center for DWI Courts in Athens, Georgia. The DMMC DUI Court program consists of five phases designed to keep the participant alcohol- and drug-free in order to rehabilitate the offender and reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

DUI Court TeamDMMC DUI Court Team
Pictured left to right:  DUI Court Law Enforcement Officers Sgt. Shawn Hayes, NPPD and MPO Justin Cripe, DMPD; DUI Court Probation Officer Melissa Patrick; DUI Court Prosecutor Tara Vaughn; DUI Court Public Defender Julie Codd; DUI Court Coordinator Jennefer Johnson; and, DUI Court Judge Lisa Leone.

For additional information about DWI courts generally, see dwicourts.org.  For more information regarding DMMC DUI Court, you can download our FAQS sheet, our brochure, or the participant handbook.