Citizens Advisory Committee

Citizens Advisory Committee


 Neighborhood Term
Warren "Geoff" Copeland

Matthew Mahoney

North Hill-Primary

North Hill-Alternate
1 Year
Alena Rogers

Pacific Ridge-Primary
1 Year
Ken Rogers

Lynn Henderson-DeBoo

Central Des Moines-Primary

Central Des Moines-Alternate
2 Years
Bill Linscott

Sandra Higgins

Marina District-Primary

Marina District-Alternate
2 Years
Patrick Nardo

Dale Dowsing


1 Year
Debrena Jackson Gandy

Kyle Curtis

South Des Moines-Primary

South Des Moines-Alternate
2 Years
Doreen Harper

Rorie Zajac


2 Years
Kevin Isherwood

Susan White


1 Year
Patricio Mendoza

Tony Hettler
Business Owner-Primary

Business Owner-Primary

2 Years

1 Year
Ben Stewart

Marina Tenant-Primary

1 Year

Powers & Duties

The Des Moines City Council created the Citizens Advisory Committee to allow citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses to engage as broadly as possible in the discussion and resolution of issues and concerns that directly affect them.  The City Council feels that the Citizens Advisory Committee will improve communication with and participation in local government on the part of residents, neighborhoods, business, and property owners in the City of Des Moines and create a more robust discussion of issues and matters facing the City, ultimately resulting in better decisions and solutions to problems.

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