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Reader Board Information

The City owns a Reader Board which is installed on 216th at the entrance to the Activity Center.
The Reader Board Program was created for use by the City and other governmental entities, utilities or civic organization working in partnership with the City to communicate public service announcements, provide emergency information or to promote non-commercial public events that benefit the citizens of Des Moines.

I. Eligibility Requirement Policy
The City of Des Moines and its programs have priority use of the Reader Board. Other governmental, utility or civic organizations working in partnership with the City will have use of the Reader Board on a prioritized space available basis.

Priority 1
City of Des Moines, its Department’s, Programs, Committees and Project Partners (PSE).

Priority 2*
Special Districts serving Des Moines such as: South King Fire and Rescue, Des Moines Metropolitan Pool District, Des Moines Library;

Utilities Serving Des Moines such as: Highline Water District, Water District 54, Midway Sewer District, Lakehaven Sewer District, CleanScapes;

Community Based Non-Profits serving Des Moines such as:  Destination Des Moines, Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market, Rotary Club of Des Moines, SW Chamber of Commerce, Seattle Southside Visitors Service, Des Moines Area Food Bank, Des Moines Historical Society

Priority 3*
Announcements deemed to be in the public’s interest
*User fees apply.

II. Reader Board Content Guidelines
Content shall meet the following requirements to be eligible for display:

1. Messages shall not be used for advertising or promotion of commercial products, corporate entity, or services by the sponsoring agency, organization or person. 

2. Messages shall not be used to convey political, campaign or religious messages or graphics.

3. Messages shall not contain any offensive, hateful and or negative messages or graphics. 

4. The City at its sole discretion may refuse to display any messages or graphics content.

III. Message Eligibility
The Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Director or designee will make the determination as to whether a message qualifies for display. If it is determined not to be eligible, an attempt will be made by staff to contact the indicated representative and inform them of such. The representative may then, if possible modify the message to meet the eligibility requirements. 

IV. Submission Size, Submission Time Frame & Images
1. Size - There are 3 rows of type available and the message will be formatted to meet the Cities formatting guidelines. 

2. Time Frame – Event or activity submissions must be received at least two weeks prior to requested display date.  

3. Images or logos must be cleanly formatted and are subject to the discretion of the City for display.  Images should be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .tif, .tiff, or .gif. 

V. Fee for Use Policy
Reader Board users shall follow the City of Des Moines Civic Reader Board Program Fee for Use Policy as established:

1. The fee for Reader Board use reflects the cost of equipment, equipment and software maintenance and message administration. The City of Des Moines reserves the right to update fees at any time.

2. To insure that second priority organizations have equal access to the Reader Board Program, the City of Des Moines reserves the right to limit the time a message is displayed (especially during peak event seasons). Third priority organizations are not guaranteed Reader Board Program access.

VI. Application Process
Complete the application at the link provided and submit with payment.  If approved, you will be notified by email. If the application is not approved, the payment will be returned. Reader Board space may not be reserved without an approved application and payment. The City reserves the right to reject submissions or modify text to meet established internal guidelines. 

Reader Board Application - Online Application
Reader Board Application - Manual print and submit