Park Clean-up/Adopt a Spot

Park Clean-up and Work Parties

Des Moines Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Department actively seek volunteers, community groups,scouts and businesses to assist with park clean-ups. We have over 20 acres of parks to maintain and need your help. From ivy to litter, there is always something to do. To volunteer yourself, a group or find out more information, please contact Janet Best at the email provided or call her at 206-870-6547. 

Below is a photo of Eagle Scout Soren Pedersen (far right) along with his friends and family who through Soren’s organization, cut and pulled Ivy at our Beach Park. Ivy is a very evasive plant choking our trees and there is still so much more to do.


Adopt a Spot Program

The City of Des Moines Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services Department facilitates "Adopt-a-Spot" partnerships that provide an opportunity for citizens to better connect with their community. Projects range from park clean-ups, landscaping, tree planting, and general sprucing up.

There are many "spots" available for adoption throughout the city such as Big Catch Plaza, South Marina Park, and Overlook I and II Parks.

Help us enhance the beauty of our community by participating in the "Adopt-a-Spot" Program. You can make a difference!

Anyone interested in learning more about this program please call Janet Best at (206) 870-6547
or email.

Volunteer Application