Animal Control

Animal Control Division

The Animal Control Division's goals are to provide assistance to our community, lower animal homelessness, return pets that have wandered and enforce laws related to animal welfare. The animal control officer (ACO) will respond to aggressive animal complaints, loose dogs and nuisance calls (i.e., barking dogs or stray cats or dogs in your neighborhood) as well as provide education to the community on how to be a responsible pet owner.

If a person or animal is in immediate danger from an aggressive dog please dial 911 for an immediate response from the ACO or a police officer.

The Animal Control Division looks forward to serving the needs of our community.

Animal Control Complaint Form
Barking Dog Complaint Form

Services provided by Animal Control

  • Animal cruelty investigations
  • Dog & Cat licensing
  • Educational information about responsible pet ownership
  • Impoundment of stray domestic animals
  • Nuisance animal complaint investigations
  • Rescue of sick or injured animals
  • Enforcement of animal control laws
  • Dog bite reports & quarantine
  • Vicious dog investigations & capture
  • Referral to other animal service agencies