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Public Hearings / Legal Notices
Public Announcements
This section contains public announcements about upcoming projects and decisions. Public notices and announcements required by law are published in the Seattle Times. Major construction projects are advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce and small works projects handled through Municipal Research Service Center (MRSC).

For more information about the city's announcements or pending decisions, contact the city clerk at (206) 870-6519.

Notice of Determination of Nonsignificance and Public Hearing - LUA2016-0013 Woodmont Commercial Zoning Code Amendments

LUA2016-0010 Notice of Pending Application for Keeping of Bees

Notice of Land Use Application and Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance - LUA2015-0006 Highline Place LLC

Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance Exhibit 1 SEPA Checklist - LUA2015-0006 Highline Place LLC

Woodmont Recovery Campus Informational Webpage

Tree Initiative

Final Redondo Parking Management Plan

Title 18 New vs. Old Table