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Forms / Documents
City Clerk Forms & Documents
Submit all forms to the city clerk's office:
City of Des Moines
City Clerk
21630 11th Ave. S.
Suite A
Des Moines, WA 98198

Solicitor Permit Application
Every person desiring to engage in soliciting from persons in residences or businesses within the city is required to make written application for and receive a certificate of registration. Such certification shall be carried by the solicitor.

Special Event Application
This type of event may involve disruption of pedestrian and vehicular traffic or access to private property for period no longer than 72 hours for nonprofit purposes, which do not involve the significant physical disturbance of the right-of-way. Please submit the form at least two weeks prior to the event.

City's Public Access Channel 21

Claim for Damages
In the event you believe personal or property damage occurred from city operations, you should complete the Claim for Damages form.

Appointive Committee
The following appointive committees have been established per Des Moines Municipal Code Title 4.  Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a majority of the City Council.  All members of appointive committees serve without compensation.
Citizens Advisory Council - Application         Human Services Advisory Board
Library Board
Senior Services Advisory Committee
Civil Service Commission - Application
Arts Commission
Landmarks Commission
Lodging Tax Committee - Application

Interested citizens are encouraged to fill out an Application for Appointive Office.  This form may be copied and mailed, faxed or returned to the City Clerk's office.  Should a vacancy occur in an area you have expressed interest in, you will be contacted to ensure you would be wiling to consider such an appointment.

  •  Application for Appointive Office