Emergency Management Department

The mission of the City of Des Moines Emergency Management Department is to reduce the vulnerability of the populace and property of the city to injury and loss resulting from natural or man-made disasters; to provide prompt and efficient rescue, care and treatment of persons threatened or victimized by disaster; to provide for rapid and orderly restoration and recovery following disasters; and to effectively educate the public regarding their responsibilities in responding to disasters affecting the city.

Emergency Manager

By authority of the Des Moines Municipal Code, the City Manager of Des Moines is also the Emergency Manager. The Emergency Manager has overall accountability and responsibility for the City's response to an all-hazards event.

Emergency Management Coordinator

As the primary planner and coordinator of the City's emergency response policy, the Emergency Management Coordinator is a city employee who reports directly to the Emergency Manager during and all-hazards event and to the Chief of Police during routine operations. The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for the training, planning and preparation of city resources in time of need as well as the satisfaction of all state and federal emergency management and homeland security mandates.

Community Involvement

The City of Des Moines is interested in your involvement in our preparedness. As the nation has learned in recent disasters, it is the community that can make the difference between life and death. We are establishing a database of private resources that we can count on for use during a critical incident. Examples of critical resources include shelter, food preparation and storage, electrical generating equipment, construction equipment and most importantly brain power. If you would like to volunteer your resources, please email the emergency management coordinator.

You can sign up to receive emergency alerts through the King County Regional Public Information & Notification link below.