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Transportation Gateway Project

The Transportation Gateway Project entails upgrading two city arterials: South 216th Street between I-5 and 19th and 24th Avenue South north of South 216th St, serving transportation network needs for planned development of jobs and housing in Des Moines.

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S. 216th St. Construction Notice

Historic State Route 509 Right-of-Way Land Request

In April 2009 the City of Des Moines requested the transfer of portions of the historic State Route (SR) 509 right-of-way in Des Moines from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). Since the current design and plans for the State Route 509 project do not utilize this historic corridor, WSDOT has no plans to improve this unopened right-of-way, and this isolated segment of the corridor has no strategic value to the State as a roadway. The City of Des Moines is requesting that portions of this right-of-way be turned back to the local jurisdiction to be used for road and transportation purposes, while protecting critical areas within this corridor.