Concealed Pistol Licenses

Obtaining a License

If you live within the city limits of Des Moines you would apply for a Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL) with the Des Moines Police Department. If you do not live within the city limits of Des Moines, contact your local law enforcement agency.


Fingerprinting for the new CPLs is conducted on Wednesdays from noon - 4:00 pm. No Appointment is needed, as it is first come first serve. New applicants will fill out an application, sign forms, pay the $49.25 state fee, and be fingerprinted. A background check is also performed on the applicant. The fingerprints will be submitted to the FBI to verify identity.


The state fee for a CPL renewal is $32.00 and the CPL can be renewed 90-days prior to it’s expiration. If the CPL is renewed within 90-days after it’s expiration date, a $10.00 late fee is applied. Background checks are also performed on individuals renewing CPL’s. If the CPL is not past 90-days expired, you can renew it at the Police Department, Monday - Friday 6:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If the CPL is past 90-days expired the applicant must start over with the entire process, as if it were an original CPL.

Lost / Damaged

A lost / damaged CPL can be replaced for a $10.00 fee.

Prohibitive crimes

Local laws and ordinances on firearms are preempted by state laws and must be consistent with state law. Although state and local laws do not differ, federal law and state law on the possession of firearms differ. If you are prohibited by federal law from possession of a firearm, you may be prosecuted in federal court. A state license is not a defense to a federal prosecution.

Washington State prohibitive crimes

  • Conviction or adjudication for any felony offense in this state or elsewhere. “Felony” means any felony offense under the laws of this state or any federal or out-of-state offense comparable to a felony offense under the laws of this state.
  • Any of the following crimes when committed by one family or household member against another, committed on or after July 1, 1993:
    • Assault in the fourth degree
    • Coercion
    • Stalking
    • Reckless endangerment
    • Criminal trespass in the first degree
    • Violation of the provisions of a protection order or no-contact order restraining the person or excluding the person from a residence

Federal law prohibits the following person from receiving a concealed pistol license and/or a firearm:

  • anyone convicted in any court of domestic violence assault (felony or misdemeanor), regardless of the date of conviction
  • anyone under a court order restraining him or her from committing domestic violence
  • anyone who is an unlawful user of, or is addicted to, narcotics or other controlled substances
  • anyone who is of unsound mind, is adjudicated as mentally defective, or who has been committed to a mental institution
  • anyone who has been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces
  • anyone who is an alien and is in the U.S. illegally or unlawfully
  • anyone who has renounced his or her U.S. citizenship
  • anyone convicted of, or under indictment/information for, a felony crime punishable by imprisonment for a term that is longer
  • than one year, if the law of the state of conviction bars possession of a firearm
  • anyone who is a fugitive from justice

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