To be recognized as a progressive law enforcement agency striving for a safer community and a better quality of life.


We, the members of the Des Moines Police Department are committed to provide quality, professional law enforcement services. We encourage problem solving, community policing philosophy and seek to work together with the community as well as other departments to effectively improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.


• Professionalism

We recognize our success is dependent on the trust and confidence of the community we serve, through our cornerstones of competency, compassion, and impartiality.

• Pride

We are committed to caring and providing a valuable service to our community, as well as promoting pride within our agency.

• Teamwork

We are committed to an on-going community and law enforcement partnership to create a safer place to live, play, work, or visit.

• Excellence

We are committed to exceed the highest level of performance in the services we provide.

• Quality Service

We shall provide the highest quality of police services possible to meet the ever changing needs of our community.

• Commitment

Each member of the department is firmly committed to foster the above values, enabling us to meet the future needs of our community and our agency.