Des Moines Youth Athletics Supporters, Friends and Families

Below is a link for a Land O’Frost website. Land O’Frost is the biggest sponsor of youth sports in the City of Des Moines and by simply filling out the information (it takes less than 30 seconds) you can help the city increase the amount of support for our programs. Land O’ Frost’s main goal is that youth all across the country will have opportunities to play youth athletics. By taking just a few seconds of your time it could help future athletes participate. Simply click on the link, then type your name and email address into the appropriate boxes, then under area select “Seattle” and under league select “Des Moines Parks and Recreation”. By doing this you will gain access to numerous coupons and discounts, as well as help to provide future funding for sports in the City of Des Moines. Here is the link: 


Tee-Ball / Coach Pitch Coed Leagues

Registration starts Jan 3 and closes May 19. 
Get out the leather glove, swing that aluminum bat and enjoy team building and social interaction! Focus is on developing hand-eye coordination through hitting, fielding, throwing and catching properly. Playing field and rules are modified to match participant age and skill levels.
Age 3-5 Tee-Ball Ages 6-8 Coach Pitch
Season Runs Jun 5-Aug 5 Des Moines Area Fields
Registration Dates
Apr 1-May 19 $81R/$95NR

2017 T-Ball/Coach Pitch League Registration Form

Coaches Meetings

Tee-Ball/Coach Pitch
Tue, May 23, 6pm Field House

For information about coaching, sponsorship and scholarships please call 206-870-6527.

Coaching/Youth Sports

We are very proud of our youth sports programs in Des Moines and not just for the various programs available, but the commitment of our volunteers. Volunteering in sporting activities offers opportunities in leadership, guidance and sharing life’s lessons on and off the field.


Volunteer opportunities in Des Moines
Volunteer Application


Baseball Camp 

Hitting - Throwing - Fielding - Games & Scrimmages

This youth baseball camp for children 8-13 years is well suited for all players, from the aspiring to the elite. Instructor Steve Goucher is a former professional baseball player and Atlanta Braves scout. Steve has over 15 years’ experience instructing baseball at all levels. Many of his students have gone on to play college baseball, with a few in the big leagues. Advanced registration is required. 
Mon-Thu Steven J Underwood Park R/NR 
Jun 19-22 9am-12pm $132/$147 
1 on 1 Private Baseball Instruction 
Work with instructor Steve Goucher to sharpen individual skills in a one on one setting. Only 2 sessions available each day. 
Mon-Thu Steven J Underwood Park R/NR 
Jun 19-22 12:15-12:45pm & 12:45-1:15pm $35

Basketball Training Clinic

Des Moines Parks and Recreation is the place to go if you want to develop as a basketball player. Michael and Marv Johnson of the Johnson Boys B-Ball Training, formerly of South Sound Athletics are here to help. They have helped train NBA players like Jamal Crawford, Rodney Stuckey, Nate Robinson, and Isiah Thomas. All levels are welcome, they cover shooting, ball handling, passing, and how to play without the ball in hands. Sign up now and you will become a better player and learn what it takes to get as good as you want. 
Grades 3-8 Field House R/NR 
Tue Apr 4-25 5:30-7pm $137/$152 
Tue May 2-23 5:30-7pm $137/$152 
Tue Jun 6-27 5:30-7pm $137/$152
Grade 9-12 Field House R/NR 
Thu Apr 6-27 5:30-7pm $137/$152 
Thu May 4-25 5:30-7pm $137/$152 
Thu Jun 8-29 5:30-7pm $137/$152

Youth and Family Athletics

Tiger Kids Martial Arts Course Overview

Instructor: Mitch Mayberry, International Champion, 9th degree Master Fee: all participants must pay the $14 AAU Membership in addition to the individual course fees. Uniforms optional and available from the instructor.

Tiny Tigers Kung Fu & Taekwondo

A fun and less intense Martial Arts program focusing on fun and fitness while developing motor skills, coordination and improved listening skills through the use of games and training aids including bag kicking and sword play for fun.
Ages 3-6 Field House
Ages 3-6 Field House
Wed Apr 19 - Jun 7 4:20-4:50pm $92R $105NR
Wed Jun 21 - Aug 9 4:20-4:50pm $92R $105NR

Tiger Kids/Family Martial Arts & Fitness

Description: Kid’s & their Parents or just the kids can have fun while developing coordination, focus and fitness. Students can progress in Belts & learn the simple moves of Taekwondo/Karate to the cool moves of the Ninja Turtles (Kobudo Weaponry) and Kung Fu step by step promoting confidence, achievement & safety skills. Bag Kicking & Jedi Warrior sparring also for fun.
Field House
Ages 7 yrs + 4:50-5:30pm
Colored belts 4:50-6pm
Ages 3-6 Field House
Wed Apr 19-Jun 7 4:50-5:45pm $92R $105NR
Wed Jun 21-Aug 9 4:50-5:45pm $92R $105NR


Adult Men & Co-ed

Spring ball is approaching soon!
Get to first base with your team and signup for a 14-game season topped off with a single elimination post season tournament.
Registration Deadline: Apr 10
Coaches Meeting: Apr 10
Coed Recreation Division Mon evenings Starts Apr 24
Men’s Recreation Division Tue evenings Starts Apr 25