Enhances Fitness
Improve physical conditioning levels and decrease the risk of falling with stretching, low-impact aerobics, strength training and balance exercises. Gym-type shoes are required and a water bottle always recommended. Cosponsors: Group Health and Senior Services. Instructor: Yu San Gartz

Tue/Thu/Fri        Adults               Field House
Sep 1-29           $39                   8-9am or 9:20-10:20am
Oct 3-31            $39                   8-9am or 9:20-10:20am
Nov 2-30*          $30                   8-9am or 9:20-10:20am
*No class 11/24 and 25
Dec 1-15           $21                   8-9am
Dec 1-29           $39                   9:20-10:20am
*No class 11/23 and 11/24

Stretch and Balance
Gentle stretching can help to enhance a greater range of movement. Get a total body stretch of all major and minor muscle groups and improve overall flexibility and balance. Instructor: Carolyn Rosenfield.

Thu                                           Activity Center
Sep 14-Oct 19   $40                   9-10am
Nov 2-Dec 14*   $40                   9-10am
*No class 11/23 and 11/24        

Tai Chi
This class will introduce basic movements of Tai Chi with emphasis on the no-impact, relaxed, flowing movements which aid in balance, increased strength and vitality. By the end of the 6 weeks, students will have learned the movements from the 24 pattern form. This course is geared toward students who are new to Tai Chi, but all students, regardless of experience are welcome. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Instructor: John Lindsay. No class on September 4.

Mon/Wed                                  Beach Park Dining Hall
Aug 21-Sep 25  $60                   11am-12pm
Oct 2-Nov 1      $60                   11am-12pm
Nov 13-Dec 13  $60                   11am-12pm

Sunday Walks!
Gary McNeil with Des Moines Legacy Foundation is hosting local walks on a Sunday each month. The location and routes of the walks are subject to change, so updated information can be obtained from the Des Moines Legacy Foundation webpage or on by searching for Des Moines Waterland Walking Group. 

Sun                  11am
Aug 20 Meet at Redondo Pier
Sep 10  Meet at Des Moines City Hall (Sculpture Walk)
Oct 15  Meet at Des Moines Marina Fishing Pier
Nov 19  Meet at Des Moines Marina Fishing Pier
Dec 17 Meet at Des Moines Marina Fishing Pier