Senior Services Advisory Committee


Luisa Bangs - Statutory Member
City Council Liaison
Traci Buxton
City Council Alternate
Priscilla Vargas
Term Ends: 12/31/2021
Jeff Crompe Term Ends: 12/31/2021
Christine Mark Term Ends 12/31/2021
Kaylene Moon Term Ends 12/31/2020
Sally Caldwell Term Ends 12/31/2020
Susan Cezar Chief Strategic Officer - ex officio member
Novy Donato Senior Engagement Resident Coordinator
Nicole Nordholm Assistant Director of Parks, Recreation & Senior Services

Powers & Duties

The scope of duties of the Senior Services Advisory Committee are:
  • To advise the City Council on policy and budget issues relating to the delivery of senior services
  • To advise the City Council on current and future facilities relating to the delivery of senior services
  • To review federal, state, and county laws and regulations, proposed laws and regulations, and advise the City Council as to the impact of such laws and regulations on the delivery of senior services
  • To perform such other tasks as are assigned by the City Council
  • Members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, serve without compensation for a four-year term
Messages may be left for all Senior Services Advisory committee members at (206) 878-1642.


The City of Des Moines has openings on its Senior Services Advisory Committee.  The purpose of the senior services advisory committee is to advise the city council on policy and budgetary subjects related to senior services.  The committee terms are three years.  Committee members may serve a maximum of two full terms.  The committee meets approximately six times per year.

For more information please contact Bonnie Wilkins, City Clerk/Communications Director at 206-870-6519 or

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